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Lindsay Lohan Wants to be Ariel in The Little Mermaid

With Disney already having made Cinderella and now having Beauty and the Beast premiering in the next few weeks, actresses are probably selling their souls to be the next live action princess.  And what princess is more rare than a redheaded one?


With so few redheads in Hollywood and even fewer that would probably allow themselves to get their hair wet for the role, Disney has slim pickings for the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.  But are they desperate enough to cast the world’s favorite red turned blond turned red turned blonde turned redheaded lady?


Yes, Lindsay Lohan has taken it upon herself to begin the casting processes of The Little Mermaid and has thrown her own name into the ring.  Not sure if she’s actually talked to a producer, but she has made sure to give us a comparison on Instagram so we all see the obvious resemblance.  Does she really think this is the best role for her?


While I think Lindsay is due for a movie comeback and is one of the few redheads around, I think there could be a bit of a liability with bringing her onto a Disney production.  I mean, I think she has lost her way a bit over the years and is that a good message for small children?  Or adult children who actually know who she is and will think that they too can be a mess of a person, but still receive the role of a life time?

giphy (11).gif

We are aware of that.

First, it’s been more than 10 years since she’s worked with Disney, and that was in the disastrous Herbie: Fully Loaded. Yes, she gave us Parent Trap and Confessions of a Teen Age Drama Queen.  And, of course, we cannot forget Mean Girls.  But what about those other shit shows like Georgia Rule?  I mean, maybe she has lost her sparkle.  Maybe she has lost her mind.

Second, Lindsay seems to have a lot on her plate already.  Supposedly she is converting to Islam and I can’t imagine she would have room for something as monumental as The Little Mermaid.  And, should we even mention her singing career? I can’t see that helping her argument, but maybe Ariel will be more into auto tune now that’s 2017.

giphy (12).gif


Lastly, I think she’s insane.  I know, I know, way harsh.  But she may be.  And if not, my final reason would be she needs to be working on getting a Mean Girls remake going.  Or a Parent Trap remake, but that would be very depressing with Natasha gone and the twins having a drinking problem and plastic surgery obsession.


I am going to respond on behalf of Disney and say the answer is a soft no.  Can’t say a hard no because I don’t know who else we could get for Ariel, but I think it’s wise that we look around a bit.  I will say though, that I would like to suggest Meryl Stepp as Ursula.  You’re welcome, Disney.


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