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FYI, You Are Ashamed About Your Period

A yoga teacher/idiot posted a photo of herself “free-bleeding” while doing yoga in white pants to bring attention to period shaming.


No, I am not.  I didn’t even know that the above word in quotes that I refuse to type again was even a thing.  I do know though that period shaming isn’t a thing.  When did anyone say that it was a embarrassing to get your period? Never, that’s when.

It’s called hygiene you hippie.  I’m sorry, I take that back, that’s an insult to hippies.  No one is telling us to hide our period, we are just lucky enough to have feminine hygiene products that we use to make it more pleasant. She says she misses events get missed because she’s PMS or afraid of being “caught”.  Well yeah, of course you are afraid of being caught being a moron, you wear white and don’t use a tampon.


Guess what, twelve-year-old me was embarrassed when I got my period because it’s hard for a kid to wrap their head around that.  But the benefits were that I left school early and skipped gym because of those cramps.  No shame in my game lady, I knew I was luckier than the boys because I had that excuse to use once a month.  And sorry mom, all those times you picked me up, I was fine, I just wanted to miss my calc, but I was nothing if not original with that months symptoms.


She goes on to tell us to stop using nicknames like Aunt Flo to describe this time of the month. That we shouldn’t hide the tampon when we go to the bathroom, that we shouldn’t be embarrassed to say the words period or tampon out loud.  Lady, I work in an all female office, I can promise you that if I need a tampon, I am comfortable enough to ask my coworkers.  And no one passes it through their sleeves.  But, you think I should announce it when I go to change said tampon.  I guess that means I should also announce to my boss “I have to shit” every time I get up to go to them bathroom? That I should stop whipping my ass too?


She says we need to educate our daughters to not be embarrassed or ashamed.  Yeah, no one is telling their kids they should be ashamed.  But they are kids so anything to do with their bodies is embarrassing.  Actually, everything is embarrassing in middle school or high school so don’t force kids who have enough drama going on to take up your pointless crusade. I guess the boy who got a boner in the sixth grade shouldn’t be embarrassed either and should announce it to the entire class?


You decided to create this world in your head where those of us who are fortunate enough to have the proper supplies to combat period are hiding something.  Again, it’s hygiene.  It’s not shame.  I’m so unashamed that I have lied and said I did have my period when I didn’t, just so people didn’t think it was weird I was crying or crabby.  Sorry not sorry.


You say we have to bury our tampons in the trash because we are embarrassed.  That’s not me being embarrassed, that’s me being kind.  No one wants to see that and it’s not because it’s been brainwashed in our head to hide it, it’s because it’s gross.  I don’t want to see yours, but if you are so curious to see peoples used tampons, I will mail it to you.  I will also stop flushing the toilet so you can study that too.


Next time you are craving the spotlight, maybe try and think before hand about if this is even an issue and who you are insulting.  Because, even though you mentioned the girls who don’t have access to the shit that get’s me through my period, this post wasn’t for them.  It was you trying to make this a feminism thing or a social issue.  It’s a non issue.  You have issues. PERIOD.




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