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The Bachelor: Vanessa Lied to Us All

I am well aware that most people are not on this show to find love.  Especially this season where the object of their love is supposed to be Nick.  I can’t blame anyone for using this platform for something other than what it was intend for when he’s the prize.

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But there is a difference between coming on here hoping to get cast on Bachelor in Paradise and coming on here in hopes of being a movie star. First, that just shows how stupid you are and second, Bachelor in Paradise is an excellent franchise. But that is what Vanessa did.  Vanessa, the special needs teacher.  Vanessa who has an IMDB page and was cast in rolls such as Girl #1 and a TV host for some Canadian program that we obviously do not watch, nor do we want to.

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You bet I was surprised.  This season, we put Vanessa on a pedestal.  We compared Whitney and Astrid to her, when really they were probably the more genuine ones.  We applauded her when she stood up to Nick about Corinne and stood up for feminism…I think it was feminism, I really don’t have a solid definition on what that is though so I could be wrong.


Don’t give me that look, liar.  You don’t know what feminism is either.

We though Vanessa was good, but she is the biggest liar of all of them.  Shame on you Vanessa.  Who would have thought that Corinne would have been the most honest one of the bunch?

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No, Vanessa.  We are fed up.

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