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The Bachelor: Rachel is the Next Bachelorette, Thanks ABC

ABC decided to release their own story, letting us all know that, while Rachel is still on the show, she isn’t going to win and is the next Bachelorette.

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Don’t act so surprised, Rachel.  You probably found out about this week two, but I still love you.

I’d love to talk to the moron though who though releasing this story now was good idea. Rachel is still there. She’s in the final four and is a fan favorite. Can’t you let us all enjoy the finale few episodes?   We already knew she’d be your next Bachelorette, you all aren’t subtle about this with the First Impression Rose and her positive edit. And we know she is smart enough to not pick an asshole like Nick.

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ABC just wants us all to know that they’ve decided not to be racist anymore.  Well, we are happy for you and the future of the franchise, but that doesn’t mean you release it like this, ahead of schedule.

The logic behind this announcement is beyond me. Thanks a lot, ABC. You’ve caused a lot of conflicts within my group texts were people were trying to remain ignorant. And congrats Rachel.  Can’t say we are surprised, but hopefully you can get this show back on track.

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