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The Hills: Are Alive With the Sound of Babies Screaming

Seriously, I am now refreshing TMZ assuming that another baby announcement is in the works.  It has been an insane week from Beyonce and Jay, to George and Amal and  then Rosie Huntington-Whitley (sorry, you aren’t getting your own story) and now the good times just keep on coming.  Now, not to be outdone by her Hills costars, Whitney Port is now having a baby.


I feel like that’s the only gif people use of Whitney…but I will prevail.

Whit posted a cute pic of her and her pump yesterday amid all the drama over George and Amal.  I don’t think she strategically wanted to be overshadowed by Sexiest Man Alive George, but she was. Whitney always seemed to be over shadowed on the show too, she’s just really nice and normal.


Okay and kind of boring.

This means though that LC and Whit will both be having babies in 2017. I’m not sure if they are speaking, but I would love to see a reunion of the The Hills and have them show us how to be adults after showing us how to be young adults. But I don’t see MTV granting us that gift. Missed opportunity I say.


Those girls were so wise.

Regardless, congrats, Whit!  We cant wait to see what you name your bundle of joy, although we probs care about LC’s naming choices a little more.  Now the only one left to have a baby is….Speidi.


God save us all.

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