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RHOOC: Lydia is Coming Back to the O.C.

I know that O.C. is the OG of the Real Housewives, but they are really having a hard time holding onto a cast over there.  I don’t know if it’s that’s because the story lines revolve around Vicki, if it’s because Vicki cant get fire, if it’s because Vicki says “whoop it up” all the time.

giphy (2).gif

No, not woo-hoo.  Never woo-hoo.

Whatever it is, not one stays long in the O.C. And with the leaving of Heather and Meghan King Edmonds (I refuse to not type out her name every time), Bravo has some slots to fill.  And whereas they usually start looking at fresh meat, it seems that after bringing back Danielle Staub in New Jersey, they want to dip into their reject pool elsewhere. Don’t get your hopes up Jill Zarin.


Lydia McLaughlin will be returning to the O.C. this season.  I don’t remember much about Lydia, which doesn’t give me much hope.  What I do remember is her mom who is a major pot head and hippie.  That is a fascinating story line I hope we continue with.

giphy (4).gif

Other than that, I think her story line will crossover mostly with Tamara and her new found faith and religion.  Lydia is pretty holier than thou, but in the least obnoxious way possible from what I remember.  What is going to be annoying is giving Tamara another reason to say Jesus or God more than she already does.

giphy (3).gif

She wasn’t one for conflict either, so here’s hoping Kelly Dodd returns (can’t believe I’m saying that) and says something offensive to her that sets her off. She probably has no idea what she’s gotten herself into, girlfriend is going to be so confused with what’s happened since she left.

giphy (5).gif

Good luck, Lydia.  You are going to need it.



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