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George Clooney is Having Twins, Amal is a Hero

I don’t know what is in the water over in Hollywood Hills, but whatever it is it is strong.  Last week Beyonce, in one of the weirdest pictures ever, announced she was having twins.  This week George and Amal announce they are having their own bundle of joy.


And that bundle of joy is twins.


Yeah, self proclaimed bachelor turned married man went from not wanting to having anything to do with kids to wanting double the trouble.  I mean, I cannot be upset about George finally reproducing, but I have to wonder how all of these celebs are having twins all of the sudden.

giphy (5).gif

I will discover your secrets, Hollywood.

Whatever the case, congrats to Amal for me being a bad ass in her own right and then taking down the ultimate bachelor and giving the world this gift of Clooney twins.  Even though we already know it’s a boy and a girl, I am seeing a girl band forming between the Carter Clan and the Clooney Clan….now we just need two more volunteers.  Honestly, I’d take anyone.

giphy (4).gif

Okay, okay, I guess we need standards.  Posh and Beckham, Will and Kate, Chrissy and John, get working people.  Only the best for George and Beyonce.


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