I am going to ask anyone who reads this to at least try and pretend you didn’t know yet, okay?


In a world where nothing is guaranteed, news is negative and everything is high in calories, it’s no wonder we are all depressed.  But, in these trying times, some people flourish and share their joys with the world.  They take on the role of savior.  This time, like so many times, that person is Beyonce Knowles Carter, contributions by Jay Z Carter.


That’s right, our favorite music mogul couple has elevated 2017 to a whole new level, because Beyonce is pregnant….

giphy (12).gif

…with twins.


Color me shocked. I mean, I have been waiting for a baby announcement for about five years now and I had all but given up hope.  Luckily, whatever was going on between Bey and Jay that was solved by a multi-million dollar album/anthem/video has been solved and they have….reconciled.


Congrats you lovebirds.  And to the rest of you, check back soon to help guess the names! I have a hunch Becky wont be high on the list….