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RHOOC: Heather Dubrow Has Decided to Go

Shocked.  That is just one of the many words to describe my feelings at this moment.  Totally shocked.

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Just a few moments ago I received a text with the news (my friends know me so well) announcing that Heather Dubrow had decided to leave the Real Housewives of O.C. after five seasons.  Classic Heather, she announced this on her own Podcast, stating that Bravo and Andy assured her “the door is always open” for her return. Probably because he still wants to buy her frozen embryos from her.


I have a couple theories here I feel necessary to share.  The first is that Heather received a lot of backlash this season after coming off as a bit snobby. Sorry, but for those who found her snobby, do you know what you are watching?  It’s supposed to be about their wealth, that’s why we watch! Another scenario is that she will be joining Terry on his show on E! or getting a new show, sans other crazy women, which would be a slap in the face to Andy.


My final guess and probably the most accurate is that she didn’t want to work with Kelly Dodd or Vicki anymore and told producers that it was her or Vicki.  And, since I believe that Vicki has something in her contract along the lines of “this is my show “I will live and die here”, I believe Heather was shown the door and decided to make good on her promise and left.


This is sad news for the Real Housewives of the OG O.C.  Sad news for the entire Housewives community. I cant imagine this show without Mrs.Dubrow (poet and I didn’t know it) who added something to the show.  Something that will be deeply missed.

I’m not sure what is going on in O.C. that they go through more housewives than any other franchise, but Andy better get thing under control.  No one is going to tune in just to watch Vicki obsess over herself.


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