It seems that after years of barely hanging on, MTV has taken a clue and is going back to it’s roots.  It brought us a (disappointing) Hills Reunion a few months back and must be feeling nostalgic because now they are bringing back My Super Sweet Sixteen.

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This is major.  Major for me, major for the downfall of society, major for those Teen Mom that are close to becoming preteens.

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I cant imagine what has happened to our youth in the last few years since the show has been gone, and I am afraid we are going to see a totally different world.  Before, these children were brats, but now….they have social media.  Can you imagine how much worse this is about to be?

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What ever happened to that little witch? I plan to find out.

We are all about to see into the lives of these little monsters and I couldn’t be more excited.  I also have to assume that I have seen into their lives already and probably follow some of them on Instagram. I cannot wait.

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Welcome back MTV.  Now just give me some more Laguna Beach and TRL and I will follow you to the ends of the earth.