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Brandi and Joanna Are Still Fighting Over A Smelly Taco

I had completely forgotten the drama that is Joanna Krupa’s allegedly smelly vagina. I honestly would have assumed that this had been put to rest, but, because we live in a mad mad world, things seem to just be getting started.

This all started god knows when, when Brandi Glanville said that Joanna had a smelly taco. While that is a low blow, I find that this isn’t the lowest blow to be delivered by a housewife, let alone Brani.  But, it seemed to have hit home after she announced it on Watch What Happens Live.

giphy (8).gif

Joanna then decided to sue.  I mean, dramatic, but I guess I have never been accused of a smelly nether region, so I can’t say what I’d do.  I assumed that something had been settled, but it seems that it is far from over. Now the judge (what poor soul is residing over this case?) has demanded medical documents from Joanna’s doctor, detailing the odor, or lack there of, of her va-jay-jay for the last five years. Also, they want any text’s Joanna has sent to Lisa Vanderpump, Mohammad Hadid and Andy Cohen related to case.


Now Joanna would like Brandi to hand over her financial documents so she can determine how much she would like to demand once it’s proven that Brandi lied about her lady bits. Confident.


I’m not sure how this is going end, but I have to assume that the judge will residing over the case will resign immediately following this ridiculousness, Joanna will get laid after several years and Brandi will continue to say offensive things.  To be continued….

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