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Broadway Wears Prada

With everything happening in the news recently, we have to take solace in the small glimmers of positive news.  What I am about to tell you though is no small glimmer.  This is something I’m not sure the world is ready for, but desperately needs.


Devil Wears Prada is coming…to Broadway!

I’m going to assume everyone is as excited as me or you’ve stopped reading by now. Mr. Lin Manual Miranda (too many names for one man) hasn’t got shit on Miranda Priestly, not even close.  Lin might be able to write and rap about history which ranks high on things necessary to be successful in life, but could he run a fashion empire like RUNWAY?


And as if the news of this becoming a musical wasn’t enough, guess who they are getting to assist with writing the songs?  You won’t guess, so I’ll tell you.  Sir Elton John, the man, the myth, the legend.


Yes, Sir Elton has signed on to write the music for this stroke of genius.  Now all we need is the lady herself, Meryl, who coincidently can sing and does an excellent Miranda impersonation.  And, although I loath Anne Hathaway, she and Emily Blunt have been known to carry a toon as well….casting, I just did your job for you.  Your welcome.

I am not sure the time line on how long this will take to get this show up and running, but you can bet I will be there.  The only thing left for me to worry about is where the hell I am going to get a ticket…



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