The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Raquel’s Infamous Cheese Pasta Recipe

For anyone watching this season of The Bachelor (if you aren’t, why are you reading this?) you have by now met Corrine.  And while Corrine herself is a combination of fascinating idiocies and sheer stupidity, the real character to emerge this season (besides Alexis) is Raquel….Corrine’s nanny.


Corrine, the 24-year-old who runs a multi-million dollar company, her nanny.  Raquel first appeared in episode one and was featured in Corrine’s intro.  She has since been MIA.  Obviously, because we know if she had been here, she would have stopped her sweet princess from being such a bad girl.


Raquel is now known for making Corrine’s bed, cutting up cucumbers and washing her spoons.  But she also is known for making Corrine’s favorite “cheese pasta”….which could be another name for mac & cheese, no one is sure.  But anything she needs, Raquel provides.


She’s getting paid, Lacey (I hope).

Now, thanks to the investigative reporting of US Weekly (can’t believe I’m citing that), it seems we now know what goes into this elusive meal.  And let me tell you, it’s as basic as it sounds.

1. Boil pasta for 10 minutes

2. Strain out water

3. Add pasta back to pot, keeping it on low heat.

4. Add LOTS of shredded cheese (I’m thinking Corrine prefers a lot).

5. Mix until the cheese melts.


No, Daniel, just cucumber salad as a side.  Now, Corrine insists that, no matter how hard she tries she just cant make it the same as Raquel.  And she claims to have tried several times.  I’d put money on the fact that the secret ingredient is Adderall and that’s why Corrine hasn’t been able to stay away an entire episode this season.


That and the fact that Raquel isn’t there to “wake her up”, one of her many duties.


  1. So hilarious! I literally thought the exact same thing…she has to be on adderall. That has to be the reason she can’t stay awake! I literally googled Corrine the bachelor adderall.


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