By the Will and Grace of God, Will and Grace is Back

Everywhere you turn there is another revival happening-Full House (ew), Gilmore Girls (fine), the fashion of Woodstock (stop).  None of these things I really have any interest in.  Can’t I get something for myself out of this?

giphy (7).gif

Just when I start to despair though, the TV Gods reach down and drop a little something for me.  Something that has been in the works for months and months and rumored for forever.  Will and Grace has finally been….

giphy (6).gif

THIS. IS. EVERYTHING.  We have been teased for months about the possibility of a Will and Grace revival aka getting to see Karen and Jack back in action.  Karen and Jack are the original squad goals, the original BFFs, they are pretty much everything original everything.

giphy (8).gif

NBC has given the all clear to a ten episode season of the show.  I have no doubt fans will turn up in droves and demand 20 more seasons there after.  None of these brilliant souls ever won a Golden Globe either (travesty), but I can tell you now, I will go on strike if it doesn’t happen.


I’m not angry, I’m elated.  I just want people to be aware that I will not stand for these genius’ not getting their due.  That makes me a hero or something.


Jack, Karen, Will and Grace…see you next fall.


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