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What Hadid Selena Do This Weeknd?

I was a huge promoter of Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s relationship.  I really felt the love and I still felt it even when they broke up and The Weeknd serenade her during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, who didn’t?


And, while not my ultimate celebrity couple (Victoria and David Beckham, duh) I was still upset to see it end.

But Hollywood is once again going to prove that loyalty and friendship are just words in a Disney movies and incest between “friends” and backstabbing is the name of the game.  Because this week, Selena Gomez has been spotted kissing and hanging all over Mr. The Weeknd himself.

giphy (2).gif

Now, we don’t know for sure if Bella and Selena have even met, but considering that Selena and Gigi both belong to the same “squad” led by dictator Taylor Swift, I’m going to assume they’ve at least heard of each other.  So what could Selena possibly been thinking, going after a squad member’s sister’s BF?? If the cover photo above tells us anything, it shows that innocent Miss Gomez knew exactly what she was doing.  Selena, does girl code mean nothing to you?

giphy (1).gif

Whatever, I can’t blame you Selena.  I watch that performance at VS and I would jump all over him too if I saw him. Also, my theory is that her leader, Tay Swift aka the mastermind of ruining relationships and controlling people, wanted to remind everyone of her power and told Selena to screw with Bella and Gigi’s head.  Gigi will always be on Taylor’s shit list for not bringing Kendall Jenner into the fold and giving her intel on the Kardashians.


Watch out ladies, you may have just unleashed the beast.

giphy (3).gif


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