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Kanye and Tyga Released a New Song, Ya Feel M

I’m not sure if I can say this a positive or a negative announcement.  I’m going to go with positive considering the year this family has had and the fact that they are nothing without their career.


Tyga and Kanye have released a song together.  Now, the reason I say positive is because 1) Tyga hasn’t released a song in how long and boy needs to make some money of his own and 2)Kanye has just come out of a funk and music is all healing.


Besides that, the song kind of sucks.  I’m sure it’ll get a gazillion hits and will have a music video that completely blows my mind because it features their respective ladies, but after the first listen I’m not a big fan.  It’s so much the repetition of “Feel Me?” in a high pitched voice that I cannot determine if it’s Kanye or Tyga, it’s more the fact that it really doesn’t give me any good gossip.


What it does give me though is an early line referencing to Klylie Jenner and “happy birthday, here’s a Benz, ya feel me?”

giphy (1).gif

That right there is gold to me considering that Tyga’s lack of money, best friend the Repo Man and Kylie’s affinity for buying him a different car each week makes that lyric hysterical.  There is very few things I find more fascinating and as disturbing as the tangled web of Kylie and Tyga’s relationship.


No, not teenage dramz.  Disturbing dramz.  Who thought Scott and Kourtney would be the stable relationship.

And don’t think Kanye didn’t mention Kim in the song though not nearly as interesting as the Kylie lyric.  I think Kanye has told us how he feels about Kim though, plenty of times.


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