Real Housewives

Bethenny Frankel: Fool Me Once, Sue You Twice

I think, statistically speaking, 99% of the Bravo Housewives have been divorced at one point or another.  I obviously cant say for sure, but my guess is the number is high.


But the Queen of divorcing, not only out of the Housewives, but maybe the Queen of all first time divorcees is Bethenny Frankel. She’s only been divorced once so she cant compete with the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor (rest in peace) but when your divorce takes about three years to complete, you definitely deserve some kind of medal.

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Now, after what we thought was the end of Bethenny’s torture, she’s decided to extended it.  Understandably so, considering Bethenny’s divorce lawyers aided Jason Hoppy (the ex) in keeping the apartment hostage during their three year divorce process.  It seems that Hoppy and Frankel put the apartment in a trust, rather than in her name only, and that granted Hoppy 50% and the right to live there rent free.


Yeah, agreed. And Bethenny is not letting it get past her.  Now that her lawyers have finished cleaning up her messy divorce, she is suing of them for a cool two mill, saying the trust he allowed to happen caused this whole mess.  That and the fact that Jason Hoppy is a scuzzy baby who pouted in the corner of that apartment and wouldn’t leave until he got some monies.

So, sorry Mr. Attorney, but you aren’t pulling a fast one on Skinny Girl.  You’d think she’d never talk to a lawyer again, but Bethenny is nothing if not business minded and this is just business.

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