Real Housewives

Melissa Gorga: Envy No More

While 2017 so far has given us Kim Kardashian’s return to social media, a new Bachelor and LC’s baby news, we knew it couldn’t stay positive forever.  Where is the fun in that anyway?  So, it is with a not so heavy heart that I announce the closing of Melissa Gorga’s boutique, Envy.


No, dead serious.  It seems that Melissa and her ever so elusive business partner are now parting ways.  If you recall, the blonde wannabe Kim D., Jackie Beard Robinson, helped Melissa open the boutique.  Helped being the operative word, since Madame Jackie was usually missing on a beach somewhere.


It shouldn’t come as a total surprise though that these two are parting ways.  Melissa seemed highly stressed about Jackie soaking up the sun all the time while Melissa was stocking the store.  Not that Melissa really wanted her their because when Jackie didn’t order certain items with out Mrs. Gorga’s approval, she was not pleased.  Can’t blame her considering the getups Jackie was wearing when she did decide to make an appearence.


The ladies seem to have parted ways due to a “difference of opinion”.  Jackie has also come out saying she emptied out the store (since she paid for it all) so Melissa could start planning for her Spring collections and she sold it all to Kim D.


Not cool, Jackie.  Everyone in Jersey knows that there is one person you do not befriend associate with if you want to have anything to do with this show and that person is Kim D. Everyone also knows that there is one person who will help you out if you are not being featured enough of on the show and that is also Kim D.


Jackie says it’s just so she could get rid of the stuff, nothing against Melissa.  She also said that Melissa is new to business and doesn’t understand it, describing the business using the old adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.  Since Melissa is always promoting the shop and clothes on social media, I’m going to assume the horse/ Melissa did drink and Jackie would have been better using the phrase “you cant teach an old dog new tricks”.  I don’t think we can say Melissa doesn’t like to drink.


We wish you luck, Mel.  Hopefully Spring 2017 goes off without a hitch because there is no telling what you caveman husband Joe Gorga will have to say if it fails.


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