I mean, 2017 must know that we had a rough go those last few months of 2016 because it has given us (me) what we have been waiting months for-Kueen Kimberly Kardashian West has returned to social media.


Three months to the day since Kim was attacked in Paris and took she and her adorable family into hiding, she has returned to social media with a simple post about her family.  While I am thrilled to see Kim and Kanye still together the real excitement comes from seeing North West and Saint West as well.  I don’t care who judges me, this gives me so much joy.


We have suffered through three months of radio silence from Kimberly and have had to get our Kardashian fix elsewhere.  Kourtney teased us along, making us believe that there is a possibility she and Scott may happen and flashing the adorable children around.


And then Khloe dated one player from each of the MBA franchises, most of them a bit younger, making her a cougar but also a bit annoying, hella trashy and still not Kim.


Robert decided to procreate with Blac Chyna and give us a baby named Dream which I still cant get over.  He tries to keep things interesting by having a mental breakdown once every two week’s, but he is too much for me.  Get it together, Robert.


Kendall walked in Victoria’s Showdown which only satisfied me for about an hour.  She may be hot, but Kendall is the most normal of the bunch and therefore has a personality that does not translate well on TV.  Sorry Kenny.


And then there is Kylie.  Kylie who I had high hopes for. Kylie who decided to go overboard with her snaps once it became clear that that was the reason Kim was targeted in the Paris robbery.  Kylie who makes oodles and oodles of makeup, much of which I buy, but has not restraint when it comes to anything and is actually trashy where Kim is not.  Kylie wanted to replace Kim, but luckily we didn’t allow it.


So, needless to say, I am thrilled to have the real queen k back.  She will come back stronger than ever, and hopefully get these ladies in line…unlike someone I know.


Good luck to you, Kim.  I’m sure your mom has you booked for the whole year, don’t let her boss you around anymore.

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