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Lauren Conrad is Pregnant-Hooray for 2017

By the end of 2016, the world was ready to throw in the tile and get a fresh start on life.  After battling to keep Betty White alive and watching Mariah single handily ruin NYE in Time Square, I think we all were a little exhausted and scared.  So when the new year came, we were hopefully, but a little afraid.  Luckily, a hero for all ages stepped forward to bring us the first spot of good news for 2017.


Yes, Lauren Conrad, our early 2000’s style icon (however misguided) has decided that 2017 should be good right out the gate and has revealed that she is having a baby.


I know, same here.  I’m going to put her in the category of child star gone good, because after being one of the first reality tv experiments, it is amazing that she doesn’t have a shit ton of plastic surgery and baggage galore.



I know there are a lot of Laguna and Hills babies as of now.  Morgan has two cuties, and seems somewhat normal after her obnoxious debut to television.  Audriana has a little girl that has an obnoxious name if I recall, but I could be making that up.  And then Kristen pops our a baby a year which is just hard to process.


But LC’s baby will be for all of us.  All of us who stuck by her when she chased after Stephen.  All of us who stood by her when she dropped out of school.  All of us who didn’t understand why she said no to Paris for Jason, but supported her when it ended anyway.  All of us who loved Brody and hated Heidi and despised Spencer and all of us who continued to follower her on Instagram even though she wasn’t doing anything interesting and just kept making the same Paper Crown dress 400 times over and made us think how we were getting older and still didn’t have a need to select bridesmaids dresses or bridesmaids.

raw (1).gif

And we are still here for you Lauren, more so if you have a girl than a boy.  And please don’t name it something kitchy or trendy that we will hate.  You already convinced us think head bands were in for too long, I can only forgive so much. I don’t want to have to take you off the pedestal I placed you on, but I will. If I have to I will.


Congrats LC and Willy.


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