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2016’s Final Fatality: Mariah Carey’s Career

As if we couldn’t already decidedly say that 2016 was one of the worst years ever, it decided to deal us one more heavy blow minutes before the clock struck midnight (East Coast Time, duh).  I stayed home this New Year’s Eve–life changing–and I actually watched Anderson and Kathy who I am not a fan of, but I was loving her that night.  I expected that to be a train wreck, but the train came rolling in from elsewhere.


On New Year’s Eve, the world said goodbye to one more thing in those final moments, Mariah Carey’s career.  As she stepped on stage in a sequin unitard that she has possibly owned for 15 years, Mariah decided that she should once again attempt and fail at lipsyncing.  I feel like we have been here before, Mimi.


Mimi’s NYE performance was a disaster of epic proportions.  She walked out on stage and announced her ear piece wasn’t working and she just hummed along. She rambled throughout the performance about what a good sport she was and how this is a great song, it’s just too bad we cant hear it.


Inevitably, after lipsyncing several lyrics behind for a while, Mariah ended her misery and our entertainment and walked off stage.  I’m still not sure if Mimi just didn’t want to continue or if she possibly forgot her own lyrics.


While we thought there could be nothing more entertaining then Mariah failing at entertaining us, the saga continues with Mimi accusing Dick Clark Productions for trying sabotaging her to boost ratings.  DCP says no way, girl didn’t want a sound check where she argues she had several sound checks all with problems.


My question is why would NYE in Time Square need to boost ratings?  It’s on once a year, unlike Mariah’s series on E!…seems suspicious Mimi.


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