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California Dreaming: Chyna has Left Robert

Well 2016, you’ve let us down all year.  Seriously, between all the breakups and celebrity dramz and political turmoil, we would hope you would give us some kind of break.  Luckily, you have decided that you will fix one of your biggest 2016 faux pa and have allowed for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.


When you first introduced us to Rob and Chyna as a couple, you made us question our own sanity and continued to make us concerned for the younger generation of the Kardashian brood.  There is already concern for how insane Mason, Penelope, Reign, North and Saint will turn out with all of this fame, not to mention poor King. There is no family tree that this is as disturbing as the one with Rob, Kylie, Tyga, Chyna, King and Dream.


Luckily for us, by giving us this break up you have provided us with some drama to sustain us during our forced-family-fun outings that we will be enduring in the next week.  If they were even dating, still debatable. Yes, a month after the birth of Dream Kardashian (still gagging as I type that), her disturbed parents have split up…and it was epic.


Saturday, Blac Chyna’s instagram was hacked and supposed texts between her and friends and her lawyer were leaked.  The text with her friend Treasure (that is not your name idiot) don’t really matter to me because all she does is bash Rob for being fat and insecure and kind of crazy. Totally true, maybe not necessary to mention.


The interesting texts are the ones with her lawyer about getting the name Angela Kardashian trademarked.  Like, 100%, we knew she was doing this and in it for the money, but it’s just nice to see that she is upfront with her priorities with her lawyer.  Who is this lawyer anyway? I would think some people would rather represent a guilty murderer than associate with the Kardashian drama, but everyone’s got their own standards.

giphy (1).gif

So after all of these we leaked on Saturday, the real drama happened when Rob Kardashian posted a video on instagram of him crying to an empty house. That this crazy took the child, the furniture AND the food and left Rob.  Either she was hungry which I understand or she is still trying to help Rob not eat junk food even when she hates him.

But the video itself was semi disturbing and Rob seems extremely distraught and emotional.  But I guess I would be too if someone cleaned out my fridge.


I really hope they get their shit together enough for that baby’s sake, but not enough that they feel the need to date again.  And if she trademarks Angela Kardashian, I might possibly be more upset than an actual Kardashian…she is not worthy.


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