Taylor Now You Got Bad Blood

We all know that the true Kueen is Kim Kardashian for exposing Taylor Swift for the liar she is this year.  It gave us all life and sent Miss Swift into hiding which gives me life, I wish she’d stay away forever, and I know I’m not the only one.


Unfortunately, Taylor Swift was bound to surface eventually and this week she released a song I have heard 400 times from her for the new 50 Shades movie.  I love that Taylor Swift has stooped to 50 Shades makes me thrilled, but I just don’t need her to take over my life again.  I cant handle it.


Luckily, when one hero steps away (come back Kim), other heroes appear. John Mayer threw some amazing shade this week stating that “Tuesday, December 13 maybe the lamest day of the year, conceptually.”


If you didn’t know, December 13th is Taylor Swifts birthday. I don’t blame you if you do know, she shoves it down our throat.  But for John Mayer, Taylor’s former fling that she felt the need to write an entire song about, to say he hates it just as much as me, that shit it priceless. And are we surprised this happened?  Taylor has plowed her way through countless celebrities, men and women, and uses it for music.  Blatantly uses it for music.  And I’m sure they are tired of looking like the bad guys.  I mean you break up with that many guys, at some point you cant keep blaming it on the guys honey.


And what’s better is, for all you doubters, he then deleted the tweet which just proves it was definitely a dig. And while Taylor has not commented on the genius that is John Mayer and his tweet yet, we know that she will say something super vague/not vague at all on some form of social media and then write a song about this to be featured on the album where she also tries to insult Kim Kardashian West, but obviously fails miserably.


It’s hard to go out in the world today and know that Taylor Swift could release her album about Calvin at any moment is hard, but it’s nice to know that there are people out there who feel your pain, even if you cant drown out the noise.


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