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Flip(out) or Flop

While most people say that Chip and Joanna are their favorite HGTV couple, I am not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shiplap and french door, but I don’t trust anyone who is on a TV show and doesn’t own a TV. I really just don’t trust anyone who doesn’t own a TV really.

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No, my couple is definitely Tarek and Christina from Flip or Flop. Let me be clear, I do not love their designs always. Christina’s weird flooring choices along with Tarek’s scrooge like spending habits sometimes make me want to punch out a load baring wall. I think I like them because I feel like I could be a way better house flipper after watching these and not because I learned things, but just because I’m smarter. But I do like them. I really do.


That’s why it was so upsetting yesterday to hear that Tarek and Christina have broken up. And not at all recently, like 6 months ago broken up. Guess there can only be one HGTV Power Couple.


And while that made me sad, the rest of the story actually just concerned me. It seems the cops were called back in May to their home because of a “suicidal man with a gun”.


I’m sorry, but did anyone else see this coming? Tarek seemed extremely calm. Normal, even. And to even make matters even weirder, police found multiple guns on site when they arrived.

And how did no one know about this for months? They’ve even been dating other people for a while, Christina is rumored to be dating someone in her field of work even. I swear, if she is dating a Property Brother I will lose all faith in humanity and start boycotting subway tiles just to spite her.


Luckily for us, HGTV isn’t going to stop filming on season 7 of Flip or Flop and we will get to watch all of this unfold. I feel like this is a great idea if you want to capture some juicy television, but a bad idea if you’ve ever worked in TV before. You’d think people would learn after TLC.


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