Just when I think things cant get any weirder in 2016 (and I was late to the hate on 2016 bandwagon anyway) two morons have swooped in to steal the weirdest couple award away from Blake Shelton and Gwen Staffani.

Wannabe Kardashian, Malika is dating Ronnie from Jersey Shore.
Not joking.  These two turtle doves have paired up in the last month (ya, def true love a month in) and are head of heels for each other.  I cant honestly say this pairing surprised me, although it shouldn’t since both of these fools are huge social climbers. What also shouldn’t surprise me, but 100% will is when Ronnie makes an appearance on Keeping Up With the Kadashians and/or they get their own TV show.
I also would like to say I wouldn’t watch said show, but that would be a lie too.
I’ve got a few ideas for a name E!, Malika Me Ronnie, A Shore Thing, or Wannabes.  Most likely though you’ll go with Ronnie and Malika.
Screw you, 2016.  This is a new low.