You Cant Sit With Us: Kardashian Edition

In the least surprising news ever, Blac Chyna is having a difficult time trademarking the name Angela Renee Kardashian.  Why, you ask? Because, again, also on the list of least surprising news ever, Koko, Kourt and Kueen Kimberly and Mrs. Kardashian Jenner are pushing back on the legal proceedings. Dramaaaa.


I mean, sure, a baby made everything in the family nice for a moment, but let’s get real.  The sisters and their fearless manager mother have been making money off this name ever since Kim “dated” Ray J.  They have been through OJ, several basketball players, Bruce Jenner and several failed companies and failed marriages, they are not going to let some homewrecker and former stripper ruin their good name.
raw (1).gif
This is all hearsay, obviously, but I can totally see Momager (who is trying to trademark that word so pot meet kettle) and Kourt and Khloe putting up a fight against the future Mrs. Blac Chyna Kardashian, but leave Kim out of this.  Kim has enough going on in her life and the name she once coveted has given her a lot of headache in the last few months.  Once upon a time Kim would have challenged her sisters even having the last name Kardashian, but now I feel like she just might sell Chyna hers.
Ya, probs not.
While all of the this blew up yesterday, it seems that things have settled down a day later as Kris Kardashian Jenner is trying to smooth things out and is calling off the bitches dogs.  I cant blame these girls for thinking of putting a stop to this social climber, but Mamma KJ has assured everyone that there is no beef.  And, in Chyna’s defense you all are family now (thanks a lot Dream) and I’m sure if everyone was being honest with themselves, Chyna is not the only trashy one in this bunch.
That being said, haven’t heard about the name actually going through, just that it was handled wrong.  Smooth move Kris Jenner, but I’m thinking Chyna isn’t going to let this go, have fun at Christmas this year.

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