The Bachelor has gone radio silent after announcing Nick (gag) Viall as the Bachelor and I have been wondering when we were going to get any kind of updates.  Then we got that terrible promo insinuating that this ladies wanted Nick’s Nick and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to go any further with this show.

Then today they revealed the women vying to be the next Bachelorette and I still wasn’t totally on board, but there were small glimmers of hope (Astrid and Josephine, looking at you).  But even so, this season’s potential has not excited me nearly as much as other seasons.  Until I heard what else the Bachelor had released.
giphy (1).gif
Yes, in the most genius marketing move of all time, The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise will be releasing their own wine.
I really don’t even expect this stuff to taste good.  In fact that might even make me hate it more, if they were actually good bottles of wine. It really doesn’t align with their image.  Like these women, I want this to be as not genuine as possible.
There are three wines, simple, but genius in name. The Fantasy Suite, a Cabernet Sauvignon.  One on One,  which is a Chardonnay.  And then, the totally obvious, but still genius The Final Rosé, obviously a Rosé.
Well done ABC/The Bachelor/Chris Harrison.  I can’t say I will buy it, $15.99 is a splurge for me at this point in my life.  But I applaud your genius.  And I pray you will have offensive amounts of product placements for seasons and seasons to come.