The Bachelor

The Bachelor: The Promo from Hell

For those people who are constantly bitching about how awful 2016 is and how excited they are for 2017, let us remember what is greeting us in the new year.  Not just a new president, colder temperatures and the come back of an unwanted fashion trend, but let us not forget that Chris Harrison has decided to punish us as well.  In what has to be the worst decision in Bachelor history, even worse than filming Ben and Lauren’s stupid show or forcing us to watch Juan Pablo be a douche for three months, ABC has selected Nick as the next Bachelor.


Nick.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about I really don’t know why you are even reading this.  You obviously are hard up for entertainment. Nick is nick Viall, aka the perpetual bachelor who has made it to the finale of not one, not two, but three seasons.


And now we feel this man needs his own personal platform to fail?  I realize all of these people are pretty much on here because they are failing in their love life, but why him?

And as if it wasn’t painful enough knowing he was The Chosen One this year, ABC made a promo that makes you want to applaud it’s genius and vomit at the same time.  They let us know that the ladies are ready to “get….some….Nick.”


You sick, sick man.  We don’t want Nick or whatever else you are insinuating.  I bow down to your sick genius, but I cannot condone this.  Is the only reason you picked this pathetic soul because of that play on words?  It has to be, anything else would be a lie.

So look out on January 2nd when we meet the lucky ladies who are vying to be the next Bachelorette….I mean Nick’s bride.

See Chris, now we can’t even believe any of these ladies are here for the right reason.  Thanks a lot.


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