RHOOC Reunion Pt2

We are back in the OC and I cant say I’m upset considering how boring the final part of the RHONJ reunion was…I mean, New Jersey used to have such life.  I feel like I am seeing glimpses of the old Teresa coming out, I can only hope Andy decides to film again.  Anywho, I have high hopes for Orange County, so let’s dive in.


We start off with a montage of all the funny things the women said this season, trying to lighten the mood before we remind them that they all hate each other…or at least Kelly and Vicki.

Shannon is first tonight.  It is very nice to see how happy she is to have gotten over the affair and how happy she was during her vowel renewal….but Davids face and hair still really bother me.  I can’t get over that, I don’t know how she can.

Through Shannon’s vowel renewal and second honeymoon talk, we learn that Tamara and Eddie have made sex tapes, Megan King Edmonds has and….Andy Cohen!


Now to Grandma Donna aka Shannon’s mother-in-law.  Gma threw down at her grandkids band performance and told Tamara that Shannon drove David to cheat.  We discover though that Donna seemed to have planned to have the whole thing on camera.

Andy asked the important question–what did you do to piss your mother-in-law off?  The only thing she says is when she told her to get out of her house when she didn’t help her with the dishes.


She threw her out of her house, but she apologized and it’s been twelve years with no other problems.


We also address the rumor of Grandma Donna and David having family dinners with the other woman.  Vicki’s source sounds rather legit, but she isn’t sure if it’s true or not which makes everyone one upset.  Why, Vicki, would you repeat it if you didn’t know it was true?



Now to Vicki’s life and Brianna is joining us!  She does not take the shit her mom is peddling so this will be good.  Vicki is still with the same man who sent her flowers in Ireland.  It seems Heather has since insinuated that she sent the flowers to herself, which ruined the flowers for Vicki.  Heather points out that the flowers were months ago, the statement she made was two weeks ago…you enjoyed your flowers plenty.


Then we touch on Vicki’s charitable cause aka another cancer scam that she has since distanced herself from.  Detective Meghan has checked out the site and it requires you to put your information is, which then pushes through a bunch of insurance spam.

Then in a twist, Tamara follows Brianna to talk about Kelly and Vicki’s relationship meanwhile, Kelly and Vicki are on the sofa saying that they need to stick together because the women are going to go on the attack soon.  Story developing.

Yes, it’s Kelly Dodd time.  We get to go through a run through of Kelly’s stupid comments as which I don’t care at all about.  Luckily, we get to the good stuff and relive all the terrible things she has said.  Which she let’s us know she doesn’t regret at all.  Not one thing.


Andy asks if she has a drinking problem because alcohol seems to play a factor in her blow ups.  Me too, that’s why know one should drink, but here I sit watching this and screaming at the tv with a glass of wine.

Kelly assures us that after being court ordered to attend AA meetings, she knows she doesn’t have a drinking problem.


Heather is embarrassed for them all that they were at the See You Next Tuesday dinner, which I can understand.  While Heather can have a huge stick up her ass, she is right in the sense that this is not a dinner I’d want to be associated with. And I have a feeling based on Andy’s face towards Heather’s ultimatum she’d quit the show that night, they Kelly will not be invited back next season.

And with that, we are done with part two.  Thrilling.



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